Baildon Moor 6 July 2020

Having had a pleasant time on Baildon Moor on Sunday I tried it again on Monday. This time I didn’t get rained on.

Again there were plenty of Meadow Pipit around. They often feed along the paths. I expect this is to catch the flies that swarm around the horse poo that is often along there.

I could also hear Goldfinch flitting around. In a few weeks time there will be hundreds on the Thistle down. I did manage to spot one on a thistle that has already gone to seed.

I noticed many more butterflies than I did the previous day. I was lucky to spot the Large Skipper but there were several pale brown butterflies flying around each other. It wasn’t until they settled that I was able to identify them as Ringlet and Meadow Brown butterflies.

Often by this time of year I have been on Baildon Moor many times and I would have seen and heard Lapwing and Curlew. On Monday I heard a Curlew a couple of times but it was a very short song. I didn’t hear any Lapwing but I did get a quick glimpse in the distance of one trying to chase off a Red Kite and I also managed to get a rather blurry photo of it. The Red Kite flicked its tail and wings a couple of times and drifted away from the Lapwing.

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