Day 103 in our garden

Well this is the last in the Day in our garden series. It was started at the time of lockdown and was about what I was seeing in our garden during that period. The photos and words in this posting take us up to 4 July 2020. On 5 July 2020 I had a trip out on to Baildon Moor with my camera, and I have already created a blog post for it here, so now it is time to end the Days in our garden series.

New things are still showing themselves in the garden. We have a pink Hydrangea flower on a bush where all other flowers are blue. Strange! The Courgettes in the vegetable plot are sprouting tiny Cougettes and flowers. And in the back garden yet another variety of Clematis is in flower. This one is Purpurea Plena Elegans. It looks like the top soil that was used in the landscaping of the front garden had a few seeds in it from somewhere. I don’t remember seeing these little Wild Violas (see header image and above) in our garden before. They are tiny and need a Macro lens to do them justice. The Buddleia is also coming into bloom. Let’s hope we get plenty of butterflies on it.

I will continue to show things from our garden but they will not be part of this series. Though I have no idea what I will use as a heading/title.

This is the index to the Days in our garden series.

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