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Day 14 – Texture

What does a photographer do when presented with the word “texture”. I found this one more difficult than “up”; which was Day 2. You can read the start of my blogging about the challenge here –

To me a photograph is texture and in most cases a good photo has good texture, though of course there are good “news” photos where the texture is a distant second. So how do you represent texture using a photograph?

After my cup of coffee this morning I realised that I should not have bothered and that I should have gone out when the sun was shining. Getting a photo that has texture is so much easier when there is some light from somewhere.

I went for one of my frequent walks along the river at Denso Nature Reserve looking for texture. This time I had a short lens on the camera instead of my long zoom lens. However I did swap to my zoom lens on occasion otherwise I would have missed being able to post this as my texture photo –

Red breast

This is the same Robin in full song –

Robin in song

The river bank gave me plenty of opportunity to capture texture, even without the sun. This tree has textured bark and several woodpecker holes in it.

Woodpecker holes

Many of the trees have mosses and lichen growing on them



Sawn off tree trunks also provide texture.

Tree trunk


The lichen covered stone wall across the other side of the river provided some good texture (I took the photo because of the discarded strimmer that was half in the water but that has been cropped out for this “texture” purpose.)


Back home I continued to look for texture and I think some of these give an acceptable interpretation of it. We had a little bit of Sun as it went down so I took the green photos below which are showing the texture of the light.



The shadows on the mortar helped this one qualify as a Texture photo.


The sunlight on the arm of the sofa also created an opportunity for using my macro tubes.


A close up of our table


And this is another that I like. The sun casting shadows of the leaves on the door –









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