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Day 13. Heritage

When you work in Salt’s Mill, a listed building in a World Heritage Site, what do you do for a photo associated with the word Heritage? This is Day 13 of the @hiddenbradford ‘bradforphotoaday challenge. See my first posting about it here – I started the blog on Day 3.

This is the one that I took at lunch-time and submitted as my 1 photo –

Albert Terrace

But that doesn’t stop me posting a few more here that I took. I have also deleted a load of others that were not even worth keeping let alone posting here. But then you might think that some of these aren’t worth posting.

These two proclaim that Saltaire is a World Heritage Site


I have seen several black and white photos with details in colour that have looked striking. But perhaps it needs a more dramatic subject than a station name.

B + W Heritage

When I saw all the bins lined up in this back alley I thought it would make a good photo. I should have had the time and courage to go along and line all the bins up.


These houses are getting to the edge of the Saltaire village and have front “gardens”. I should go and get a photo of the other styles of houses for completeness.


Here’s another view along Albert Terrace towards the mill chimney

Albert Terrace

Before I set off on my shooting adventure I went into the Information Centre in Salt’s Mill and asked if they could tell that if there was just one thing that had to represent Heritage in Saltaire what would it be. And this is it –

Salt's Mill

And just to help – they meant the mill and not the allotments.






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