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Day 15 in our garden

Yet another Blackbird for the header image. This female looks as though it is both soaking up the Sun but also trying to cool down. Today was quite a warm day. But then again it could be trying to keep quiet and out of the way while the various males have squabbles in the bushes. It has been noisy today with male Blackbirds chasing each other around.

I was getting a bit worried today that I wouldn’t have something new to show but a Jackdaw did pose for a minute or two on next door’s roof.

I didn’t see any Tawny Mining Bees flying about today but there were 5 or 6 wasps of these Cuckoo Bees (Nomada flava Panzer or possibly Nomada panzeri Lepeletier) flying around and eyeing up the nest holes for the bees. These are the ones that lay their eggs in the Tawny Mining Bee nests so they can feed on the pollen left for the Mining Bee pupae. Apologies for reporting them as wasps.

During the gardening (I don’t just sit in the garden with my camera, well not all day anyway) I noticed lots of Centipedes. This is a burrowing centipede (Haplosphilus subterraneus) that I put on a piece of paper to take a photo before putting it back in the soil.

I am still waiting for a Bullfinch to stay still enough for me to get a photo of it but after putting everything away I did notice, from the window, this Gold Finch and Great Tit in one of the flower beds. If I am lucky I might get a Bullfinch doing the same thing. They do like to eat fresh small flower buds.

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