Day 23 in our garden

Wow, what a day! A few weeks ago I saw Chaffinch and Wren in our garden but as yet during this daily series I have not seen them. I have been keeping my eye on the area of the garden I would expect to see the Wrens and Blackbird, Dunnock, Robin, Blue Tit and Great Tit have all been frequent visitors to that area. But I am pleased that I had been keeping an eye on the area.

A Chiffchaff in our garden. Yay! I had heard them in the distance in the trees further down the hill but didn’t expect to see one in our garden.

It was well into the afternoon when I spotted the Chiffchaff. Before that I had been running between the back and front garden as I saw birds fly over the house.

I got a quick photo of a Sparrowhawk as it disappeared over the house. I got a few more photos from the back garden and then, suddenly, there were two birds swooping around. Nice!

Managing to get s couple of decent photos of a Red Kite was pleasing too.

Clicking on any of the images will show them larger in their own little set.

Here’s Day 22 in our garden.

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