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Day 25 in our garden

The photos from Day 25 in our garden are mainly taken with my Macro lens.

I love the arrangement of the flowers on this curve of Bleeding Heart in our back garden.

In the front garden the Clematis Montana is starting have solid patches of flowers. There are many more to come.

And in the back garden the Clematis Alpina is feeding the Bees.

This Honey Bee is extending its proboscis down into the tiny centre of the Forget Me Not to sip the nectar. The header image is of the same Bee.

These two photos are of Hoverflies. One looks very Bee like whereas the other is fluffy like a Bee but has that great long proboscis stuck out in front of it.

To finish off I have a couple of photos of birds taken in and from our garden. The Blue Tit is hanging right over the branch to look for insects in amongst the leaves while the three Magpie are marching in step along the path.

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