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Day 4 in our garden

I have left it a bit late before getting around to looking at the photos from my time in our garden today so here are some photos of new subjects quickly put together before we get to midnight.

Today’s header image is a Squirrel silhouette. When I first went into the garden this morning at 8:30 I had my long lens on and this squirrel scampered along some branches and then settled for a little while and started eating some buds. The sun was almost directly behind it creating the silhouette.

I then decided to put my macro lens on and look for something different, instead of birds and butterflies. Hence the Celandine, Bleeding Heart, bursting Cherry tree buds and Forget Me Not flowers.

I then spent a while following a Bee Hoverfly around trying to get a decent photo of it hovering above my head. You might gather that I was not successful, I am not including any of the photos here. They were a lot easier to photograph when they settled on something, as were the bees.

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