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Day 3 in our garden

Would you believe I spent some time in the garden today? I watched the Blue Tits going in and out of the nest box and only once saw something like nesting material. It could of course be many Blue Tits and not one has decided to move in yet. There are no scars, tattoos, or other distinguishing features to allow me to tell one from the other. Mmm. That could mean that it was the same one every time. So nothing different to yesterday to warrant a photo of them/it.

Unfortunately all the photos of other subjects were quickly grabbed ones. This Goldfinch came low enough in the trees for me to get it. There were a couple of them high in separate trees signing away making a heck of a racket. Either trying to attract a mate or saying “Keep away, this is my territory.”

A Greenfinch let itself be seen. Usually, in our garden, they are skulking about the Hawthorn. You know they are in there somewhere but all you see is a shadow moving.

This Long Tailed Tit was nice to catch. I have seen ones like this a few times over the last few days. They get the material from somewhere further down the row of gardens and take it further up only quickly passing through our garden. I had to be quick to get that shot.

Only 3 photos today. Apologies for not having a different one to use for the header image. Perhaps I will have my macro lens to hand soon.

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