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Day 2 in our garden

What another nice day it has been. A lovely clear blue sky all day. Again it was a great day for butterflies but the only one I tried to get a photo of was the comma on the underside of a Comma. Again the Goldfinches stayed high in the trees so no photos of them. I could hear Dunnocks but they kept well hidden.

Our bird box, that was used last year, looks as though it is going to be used by Blue Tits this year.

It looks like a tight fit as it flies off presumably looking for nesting material or food for itself.

Only on one occasion did it look as though it had some duvet stuffing in its beak to build a comfy nest for eggs. Here it has returned with nothing. Perhaps it is one of them returning to check on the progress the other is making. And when it is a bit fluffed up it looks as though it is bigger than the hole.

But its layers of feathers easily squash down as it slides into the nest box. At one time a Blue Tit flew into the nest and within a couple of seconds another flew in. Almost immediately one flew out. Was it a pair working on their nest or was it two birds eyeing up the nest box and one of them being sent packing?

This photo shows the comma on a Comma butterfly much better than my photo yesterday.

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