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Day 52 in our garden

I am still hoping that one of these days, during the series, I will spot a Chaffinch, Wren or Goldcrest in our garden. In the meantime the header image is of the opening rose that I posted a photo of back on Day 47.

Several times over the last few days I have thought how good our neighbour’s Lilac looks but I didn’t join up the dots and take a photo of it – until now.

I have posted a photo of an ant in our garden during the series and while I was trying to get a photo I was hoping it would stay still for just a second to make the job a bit easier. During Day 52 I saw a couple of Ants and decided to put down a pinch of sugar to see what they would do. One of them stopped for a few seconds. I assume it is eating/licking/chewing on it. It doesn’t seem to make any attempt to lift it up to take it anywhere and I don’t later see a line of ants following a scent trail to the sugar.

The last photo for Day 52 is a White Tailed Bumble Bee on the Choisya in our garden.

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