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Day 57 in our garden

I got so involved in putting together the re-cap list for Day 56 that I neglected to include the photos that I took during that day. They were not new things so I still needed the re-cap but that was no reason to exclude them so I have been back and added added them. I have therefore also removed them from the end of this post.

The new thing for Day 57 is this Violet. It has been flowering for quite a few days but until today the flowers looked bent or funny shapes. This one is the first time it looked presentable.

I know I have posted photos of Ants before but this is really a new one, an Ant’s Nest with Larvae and thousands of Ants. During the day I pulled a decent sized blue planter out from under the arbour so that we could replant it. When I lifted it out I noticed more ants under it than I would expect. I put it down to get a better hold of it and noticed even more Ants under it. I then, with difficulty, held it away from me and took it over to the corner of the garden to empty it. The compost I tipped out looked like good stuff but the surface of it was moving and had what looked like hundreds of little white grains of rice all over it. As I watched the surface continued to move and so did the “grains”. Slowly they disappeared into the compost. It was only when I looked closer that I could see the Ants and that the grains were their Larvae. Most of the Ants were the same colour as the compost and in the places where there were lots of them the movement of their antenna and legs made the compost look as though it had fur. I felt uncomfortable standing over it and getting close with my camera. Quite soon the Larvae were back inside the compost and the clump had developed several radiating lines of Ants following “tracks”.

The transplanted Pink Geraniums are still doing well.

The Blue Tit on the nest box has a juicy caterpillar in its beak.

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