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Day 71 in our garden

The header image is yet another shot of the lovely looking New Dawn Rose in our front garden.

Spiders are at the end of the post.

The new Rosa Bonicas in our garden are opening up nicely. They look like nice roses. I will have to keep brushing the Aphids off though.

It looks like we got a few plants that we weren’t expecting when the landscaping was done in the front garden. I think this is the Redshank weed growing. I might leave it a bit longer just to make sure before pulling it out. The middle plant above is a new one for the series, Foxglove, in next door’s garden. The bottom one is also new. The Philadelphus is the bush that has the Dog Rose growing through it. It has just started opening. Hopefully we will get a good display of pink and white.

During the day I had to help several Large Red Damselflies find their way out of the house. Several times two of them were joined.

When you see something in the sky the noise it makes can help you decide how big it is. The RAF Airbus A400M is BIG. It rumbled past. Yet again it is involved in training circuits, this time over Newcastle International Airport and Yeadon, Leeds Bradford Airport. The single engined plane whizzed over and I was confident it small. The balloon however silently drifted over, it was just a tiny silvery dot in the sky. I half expected it to disappear behind the high clouds but it was apparently below the clouds and was drifting along at the same speed as lower faint clouds. I have seen something similar before and the conclusion then was that it was a weather balloon. On one of the other occasions that might have been true but when zooming in on this one it looks an unusual shape for a weather balloon. I now think it was much, much closer than I reckoned at the time. It is definitely a figure 5, I guess someone over Charlestown way was having some kind of celebration and let one of the balloons go. In my defence a couple of the other photos I took of it were “end on” and very shiny, but it is obvious from this one that it is a “5”.

Spiders below.

Thankfully these are small spiders that like to stay outside in the garden. The top one is a Nursery web spider (Pisaura mirabilis) and the lower one a Zebra Spider (Salticus scenicus)

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