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Day 76 in our garden

Day 76 in the series, otherwise known as the 7th June 2020.

Across the back of our garden we have a Hawthorn hedge with the left hand corner growing to quite a height. The Hawthorn has already featured in this series but over the last few years an Elder has been growing further and further out of the top of it and it is only on Day 76 that I have taken a photo of it.

I have watched the buds develop and grow into the white Elderflowers on this tree. Soon they will be turning into Elderberries and hopefully we will see Blackcaps in the tree feeding on them later in the year. It is much bigger and more visible than in previous years.

The photos were taken from a first floor window because of the height of the tree and the fact that it pokes out of the top of the Hawthorn, which is also quite tall.

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