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Day 77 in our garden

I am a bit late in getting Day 77 blog post up and running – 5 o’clock the following day. We have a few firsts for the series though.

The Moss (Wall Screw-moss – Tortula muralis) is shown with a cm ruler against it (also header image) so you don’t think our garden is a massive primordial forest. It might have its fair share of weeds, like the Thistle, but it our garden is not a particularly big. A lot of the things I have shown are from our garden. i.e. the photo was taken from our garden but the subject is in someone else’s garden, or flying overhead. The Leycesteria above is in our garden but the Mock Orange and Escallonia are from our garden.

This set of photos are of things (species) that have been posted before but I thought worth sharing again.

This is the index to the Days in our garden series.






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