Fishing Heron

On Saturday I went along to Salts Mill to take a photo of the Shipley clock from the carpark for a “Time” related image for Shipley Camera Club. I also took some photos of film props around the mill that you can see here.

On the way back across the river I spotted a Heron on the weir. There is often one there motionless but this one was quite active and very successful.

I watched it walk along the width of north side of the weir frequently lunging into the water. There seems to be a cover/eyelid that it can pull over the front of its eyes as it lunges.

It frequently came up with a small fish. With fish this size I guess it has to eat a fair number of them but they certainly seemed like easy pickings.

Catching two at a time suggests that there are a lot of fish on the weir. The header image shows one of the fish on its way down, it’s getting a quick look out before heading into the darkness.

This Tufted Duck was also on the weir. It looks as though something has had a go at it. It spent quite a bit of time with its head under water picking at the slope of the weir. Perhaps a Heron thought its beak looked fish like and fancied trying to swallow it; part of its forehead is missing and there is a wound above its left eye.

The gallery above allows you to click on any of the images and then go backwards and forwards through the gallery.

Just next to the weir is the Roberts Park playground where the north side of the graffiti wall has been prepared for a new installment. I will be going back soon to find out what is put on there so I can update the BaildonWiki page.

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