Harley Rally 2021

Harley Rally 2021

Over the last few years I have taken photos of the tanks of the bikes at the Harley Rallies and put them in a single image grid. This year I have widened the frame a little to include more of the bike, and not put them into a single image file. I also took a few wider shoots.

If I remember some of my Mechanical Engineering degree studies correctly – if a metal is protected by paint, or galvanised, and it has a small hole in the protection it can rust very quickly. Therefore if there is a large surface area of the metal exposed then it rusts slower. I guess the logic here is that if there is a danger of bare metal at structural sites on the vehicle you can increase the safe life by stripping lots of the other paint off.

I like the sign saying that it is not an abandoned vehicle. Does the sign get taken off when the vehicle is abandoned?

Harley Davidsons have been made since 1903 and some of the early ones would not have all the mod cons of the current versions. I found this one, above, interesting. It doesn’t have foot rests (possibly taken off while it is standing), only has a throttle on the handlebars (no front brake or clutch levers, no indicator switch [there are no indicators]), has tiny lights, no instruments other than what looks like a pressure gauge down by the crankshaft, an exposed clutch with the clutch lever just above it. And to let you know it is a Harley when it is on the road – straight through cut-off exhaust pipes.

Around 1:00 pm on Sunday a few bikes fired up on Northgate and road down Browgate. It was a little nod to the usual organised ride-out that used to happen in pre-Covid years. Who knows what will be the new “normal”?

Let me know if I have duplicated any of the tanks/engines.

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