Kingfisher missile

On a recent visit to Denso Marston Nature Reserve I noticed what I thought was yet another bit of blue plastic on a branch.

But on a closer look it was a Kingfisher. The usual sighting of a Kingfisher on that part of the river is as it flies away having seen you first or flies past just above the water.

This one didn’t seem too worried by me taking photos of it from the other side of the river.

But then I heard the call of another Kingfisher and it looks as though this one did too as it took to the air.

It looked as though it got to the air just in time as another Kingfisher flew along like a dart looking as though it was aiming for the one perched.

It flew onto the next branch only a short distance away while the other one now looked back from the next tree down river.

These are not brilliant photos but it is great to see Kingfishers and they tell a bit of a story. You can click on an image to see it larger.

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  1. Last Friday, 9th August we had three sightings of a kingfisher darting across the canal at Buck Wood. I think it was the same one, rather than two. Was surprised to see it over the canal rather than the river. So glad you have confirmed there are kingfishers there, it was a magical experience.

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