My first outing with my new camera

Back at the beginning of August I ordered a new camera and finally in the middle of November I heard that it was ready to pick up. Since then I have tried it out in the house and in the garden but it wasn’t until Thursday (8 Dec) that I took it out with me. For those that are interested it is a Canon R7, and I like it. Some of the photos are pushing its limits in that they are heavy crops of birds a good distance away with poor light these would have been useless with my other camera but other photos show that it is a definite improvement over the Canon 7D Mk II that I used before.

On Wednesday when I was out I thought that the morning sun looked quite good on Baildon so on Thursday morning I took my camera up Carr Lane, parked on Snowden Lane, and walked over the grass to the fence. I took a few photos looking towards Baildon, Shipley and Saltaire.

If you click on any image it should take you to a much better view of the photos with navigation options through the gallery.

The main reason for choosing the R7 over other cameras was for photographing wildlife but it can still do OK with landscapes.

I had managed to survive the cold so decided to go down to the river at Denso Marston Nature Reserve and I spent a couple of hours walking up and down that part of the river.

I think the highlight of the outing was two Common Dippers seen below the footbridge at Buck Lane/Buck Mill. I was talking to the Urban Pollution Hunter at the time and his good eyes were the first to spot them. I couldn’t get them both in the same shot.

Only a couple of times have I seen a Heron up close that didn’t fly away. On this visit to the reserve a Grey Heron was on the same side of the river and didn’t seem bothered by me taking a few photos of it. Of course it could be that I just haven’t noticed them in the past and have walked by them as they watch quietly. So often it is movement that draws your attention to something and if they don’t move you don’t see them.

All of the photos were taken with a Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary lens. Because of the low light many of them were at very slow shutter speeds. 1/60s at 600mm is not recommended. I will have to experiment with higher sensor sensitivity (ISO) to see how high I am prepared to set it before I am not happy with the quality.

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