September Butterfly Bush

This is a mixture of some recent photos so the title is a bit misleading but since I have said September Butterfly Bush lets start with the butterflies.

A month or so back the media contained several reports of the number of Painted Lady butterflies, saying that this was a once in every 10 year occurrence, with higher than usual numbers of the butterflies around. Back on August 5 I posted again about More Painted Ladies. But even in September our buddleia, when the sun was on it, had good numbers. The third one in the gallery above shows a Painted Lady and a Bumble Bee looking as though they are sipping from the same flower.

Several Peacock butterflies were around at the same time and most of them had very raggedy wings.

What was noticeable, not in the same numbers as the Painted Ladies earlier in the year, but still worth a mention, were the Red Admirals.

Some of the Rd Admirals were looking very fresh.

Tortoiseshell and Small Whites were also around during September.

While taking photos of the butterflies I could also hear several Goldfinchs and Blackbirds in the Hawthorn and Elderberry. I could see the small branches moving but couldn’t see any birds until this one suddenly hopped into view. I still kept seeing birds fly into and out of the trees but once in they mostly kept hidden. On a couple of the shots above you may have noticed that the sky has been very blue.

In the clear blue sky ‘planes flying over were showing bright with long vapour trails. The first shot above is at 600mm, the same lens I used for the Goldfinch. I have shown the image uncropped – as taken. The second image is the same photo but heavily cropped to 800 pixels wide. The reason for this is to give some scale to the next set of photos.

These were taken just a few seconds before the one of the plane and are cropped the same amount to give an idea of relative size. The object was heading North (ish) and changed shape slightly. I have rotated the images slightly so that the line is top to bottom. The Sun was to the left. I was shooting handheld and so the angle of the camera could have changed between the shots. At the time I started the SkyView app on my phone and it told me that the International Space Station was in a similar compass direction but well below the horizon. I don’t know how accurate SkyView is for things that move across the sky at the rate this was moving but I can’t think what else it could be. The data from the camera says it was taken on 21 Sept at 14:48:40 BST. Checking the camera now shows that it is running about 10 seconds slow so the correct time was 14:48:50. I wonder if it is possible to find out where ISS was at that time?

During September I went down to Denso Marston Nature Reserve a couple of times. I heard, and got glimpses of Kingfisher. A Grey Heron saw me before I saw it and was already flying away but these Goosander were a little less panicked.

I often hear Chaffinch, Robin, Wren, in the front garden and sometimes hear Goldcrest in the trees. On this particular time, when I was out near the garage, it sounded a little lower and closer than it often sounds so I went to have a look. After spotting it I went in and got my camera with macro lens fitted, I was hoping it would come nice and close. I could see it deep in the tree but it was well hidden so taking a photo was not on, but it was working its way around the tree. After waiting patiently it came around to my side and I managed to get a few shots of it. So tiny!

I have spent a bit of time recently helping out at Baildon Community Link on Cliffe Avenue, refitting cupboard doors and similar such things. On leaving one day I thought this view of the park next to it looked rather good after the grass had been cut. On the walk home I saw someone that was going a little further than I normally do to get a decent view of things. One of the problems of being surrounded by trees is that your view can be obstructed. 🙂

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