Shipley Glen Tree

Shipley Glen Tree

I am a member of the T&A Camera Club facebook group. Each month there is a different topic for people to submit photos to, and one photo is chosen each month by the admins as the “winner”. I have only submitted photos a couple of times but this month the topic is Changing Seasons so I have finally got round to selecting some photos of the tree on Shipley Glen and putting them together to make a single image.

Back in January 2013 I went up to some of the rocks near the tree with my camera and tripod. I took a few shots of the tree and made a note of where the tripod was and how my camera was positioned. I then went back to the same place 22 more times, on one occasion with my flashgun, to take photos of the tree. I can’t remember whether anything happened to stop me but the photos range from 13 January to 24 October. Why did I not carry on through November and December?

I have been promising to go through the images for ages but it was the T&A topic that prompted me to finally do something with them.


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