Uniques along the river

Yet another venture out looking for local Ingress uniques where I took my camera with me.

The photos from this walk were all taken on the River Aire near the Bradford Amateur Rowing Club. In between some of them we had a walk up river to Dowley Gap and a walk through Hirst Wood but I have put them all together.

We noticed a lot of Damselflies with the Banded Demoiselle being the most conspicuous, with several of them mating. In several places cuts in the river bank were teeming with small fish (fingerlings?). I don’t know the variety. And in one space, after trying to spot where a small fish had gone I finally focused on really tiny Fry – about half the size of a match-stick. The Heron on the river bank would have no problem filling its stomach with fish.

I took the photo of the Crow because it just seemed to be posing for us.

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