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  • The end of March and the wildlife of April

    The end of March and the wildlife of April

    Here’s a few photos from the last couple of months with trips to Ben Rhydding Gravel Pits, the pond at High Royds, the Leeds Liverpool Canal and Yeadon Tarn. Please click on an image to see it better quality in its gallery. At the end of March we had a quick fall of snow that […]

  • A Wren in Our Garden

    A Wren in Our Garden

    According to the RSPB the Wren is the most common breeding bird in the UK. I’m not quite sure how they can say that because I seldom see one. I guess I hear them in the undergrowth and I have occasionally seen little round brown fluffy things around the edges of the garden. On Saturday […]

  • A Quick Trip to Yeadon

    A Quick Trip to Yeadon

    This morning I had a few minutes in Yeadon and managed to get halfway round Yeadon Tarn before I had to leave. Click on an image to see it better quality in its gallery. As expected there were lots of Canada Geese, Swans, Mallard and Black Headed Gulls. There were also quite a few Tufted […]

  • Visiting Sparrowhawk

    Visiting Sparrowhawk

    I have been doing some long overdue pruning in our garden and now have a 4 foot high mountain of stuff to get rid of. I say pruning because if it is done properly the plants get healthier, ours might not survive. I did wonder if any animals would hide in the mountain but I […]

  • Redwing in our Garden

    Redwing in our Garden

    A few weeks back I posted a couple of record shots of a Redwing in our garden. If you looked at the images on a decent monitor you could see that it was a Redwing behind all the branches and rose thorns. I have now got 2022 off to a better start with some much […]

  • A Stuffed Sparrowhawk

    A Stuffed Sparrowhawk

    I got a phone call from my neighbour today. He told me about a bird in his garden that was tucking into a Pigeon. After looking through one of our windows I’m afraid I cut him off a bit short, he was telling me a bit about how it had progressed but I had to […]