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  • Redwing in the garden

    Redwing in the garden

    The photos aren’t very good but I am quite pleased to have spotted a Redwing in the hedge at the back of our garden. I’m not sure it will help much, but if you click on the image you can see it in a larger size. On a couple of occasions, in the poor light, […]

  • Shipley’s Hop Garden

    Shipley’s Hop Garden

    At the beginning of October (checks image data) in fact on 1st October, I was collared by John Dallas, of Bracken Hall Countryside Centre fame, on Kirkgate in Shipley. As a result of the conversation I got my camera and went along to one of the buildings on Kirkgate.

  • September 2021

    September 2021

    During September I went out with my phone (for Ingress) and my camera. Calling at Redcar Tarn, Fewston Reservoir, Roberts Park, Baildon Golf Club and Yeadon Tarn. You can click on the images and see them better quality in their album.

  • Back to June 2021

    Back to June 2021

    I’m not sure why I didn’t post any of these photos back in June. I guess they are nothing special – the Damselfly and Dragonfly shots are blurry. 🙁 But the bridge is interesting. The photos were taken on another local Ingress outing where I was looking for Uniques but because I had my camera […]

  • Harley Rally 2021

    Harley Rally 2021

    Over the last few years I have taken photos of the tanks of the bikes at the Harley Rallies and put them in a single image grid. This year I have widened the frame a little to include more of the bike, and not put them into a single image file. I also took a […]

  • A Few More of a Heron at the Weir

    A Few More of a Heron at the Weir

    Here are a few more photos of a Heron at the Weir at Saltaire. Catching fish and perching on the roof.