Day 10. Door

As you might guess there are several doors in a place like Salt’s Mill so for Day 10 – Door of the Bradford Photo a Day challenge for April (see here for my first posting about it – ) I chose to have some photos of them. The one that made, what I think of as, the nicest photo is the revolving door on the Vistoria Road side of the mill, and it is this one that I submitted to @hiddenbradford and the #bradfordphotoaday challenge.

Revolving Door

There looks to be a nice bit of wood in there. An interesting feature of the out side doors, just beyond the revolving door, is that when they are open they fit into a recess so they look just like wood panelling.


With a building of the scale of Salts Mill some of the doors are also quite big. I believe this is the area of the mill where they had steam engines. It would be great if the whole thing opened but it is only the sides and centre parts that can be opened. Even then it is a big opening.


Even the normal doors inside the mill are on a different scale. This one is on the way out of Red Lab. The door might not be wide but it is tall. You can tell that it is near Red Lab because of the red circle round the ceiling light.


There are also several doors that open onto the canal and one of them has a hoist above it which would have been used to load and unload canal boats.

Canal side

Canal side hoist

The mill also has a history and has changed over time. One thing that shows this is the doors that open 4 floors above the solid floor below. Inside they are at least fastened together with steel strips to stop them being opened. This photo does not do it justice, there are another couple of levels to go before reaching the bottom.

High door

Edit: I now remember. When I first read the words for the challenge I thought that the door I had taken a photo of back in October 2011 would be a good one to use. However I was passing the same place early this month and noticed that the door is now much less interesting.

This is the door back in October with several signs screwed to it.

Door with signs

The interesting signs are

Bradford Estate Co Ltd
House Investments (Bradford) Ltd
Nothern House Investments (Bradford) Ltd
Southern House Investments (Bradford) Ltd
Eastern House Investments (Bradford) Ltd
Western House Investments (Bradford) Ltd
Western House Investments North Ltd
Western House Investments South Ltd
Laconia Buildings Ltd
Apsley (BFD) Ltd
Westway Buildings Ltd

I assume that is to severely limit the liability of each one.

But now, all gone (March 31 2012)

Door signs


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