Day 9. Transport

For Day 9 of the Bradford Photo a Day I have posted a photo of a boat on the Leeds Liverpool canal at Saltaire. This is a method of transport with quite a bit of history.

See here for my first posting about this challenge –

The canal itself is 127 miles long though it is only 65 miles from Leeds to Liverpool as the crow flies. It is also a very relaxing way to spend the time. The important decisions of the day are to decide whether to have an early lunch at the next pub or to carry on and have a later lunch at the next one.

Canal boat

This relaxing form of travel helps you to savour your surroundings and the speed means that you can see more of the wild life.


There is often a Robin in the area next to the path near the entrance to the Boat House. After a years absence a Mandaring Duck is back in the area but this time it has an American Wood Duck with it. They seem to be going round as a pair. Is that because they know they are both different to all the others or do they like each others company. Can they mate I wonder? What would their ducklings grow into?

Mandarin and Wood Duck

A short walk away from Robert’s Park is another old form of transport – Shipley Glen Tramway.


This is the oldest cable car in the UK (excluding cliff lifts) and was built in 1895. The two cars pass each other as one travels up to the top station –

Top station

and the other heads for the bottom station –

Bottom station

At the top of the tramway there used to be a fair ground and people had been known to turn up in their thousands on Shipley Glen. There is still some evidence of the fair ground. The most obvious being some dodgem cars –

Dodgem cars

These were used in an episode of Spooks a while back. It is then only a short walk to the Old Glen House and Shipley Glen where I seem to remember that beer was at one time delivered by helicopter because driving over the moor is not allowed. I think it was more a publicity stunt than anything. One of the previous owners was a helicopter pilot.

Old Glen House

Shipley Glen opens out into quite a flat area with steep drops down to Lode Pit Beck.

Shipley Glen Tree

This photo is more like the one I wanted to post for Day 6 – Tree but I had forgotten that it was up there.

Back with the transport now and this is a photo of the tramway at the passing point taken from the footpath that follows the line of the tramway from near Titus Salt School to Prod Lane Baildon. It is probably a lot quicker to walk along the path than it is to drive round.

Passing point

It is then back down to the bottom and back to Robert’s Park

Robert's Park

When the park is a bit busier it is best if this sort of exercise is done in the fields on either side.

And here is my ticket for the tramway


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