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Day 11. Green

Here we go with day 11 of the @HiddenBradford #bradfordphotoaday challenge. You can read my first posting about it here –

The word of the day is Green, so here is the word.

The word

I realise now that perhaps I should have left a bit more of the surroundings in the picture to give it more context. This is at the end of the Green Lab at Pace in Salt’s Mill. There is a similar one at the other end of the office.

We had not been back in our office long after its refurbishment when I took a photo of several of the signs. Our office is called Yellow and prior to the refurb it had yellow walls. We also have Red, Blue, Orange, Purple, Silver, Bronze, Platinum, White, Gold and Platinum – in addition to the Green. Well at least we had – I am not sure if people will be moved back into Gold after a bit of reorganising. Prior to the refurb orange had an orange door leading to it, blue had a blue door, ditto for red, green and white. Yellow, as I said, had yellow walls. Bronze was in the space above the main revolving doors (see my Door blog here – and part of it has the old wooden panelling so you can sort of see where bronze came from. Now as part of the refurb the first few yards at the entrance to the offices have coloured disks round the lights in the appropriate colour. You can see a red one in the Tall Door photo in the Door blog. And at each end blue lettering spells out the colour name of the lab.

I used my photos, and Gimp, to make this image –


Perhaps from this you can tell that I have an engineering background. Art and its appreciation was never one of my strong points. But I have got a sense of humour. Chuckle, chuckle. I think.

For those wanting a different interpretation, here is some green –


Trees in the middle of a green and some, almost, green trees.






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