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Day 17 in our garden

I did think that Day 17 was going to be a bit of a re-cap i.e. what have we seen so far in our garden but I think I will have a go at an ID for something that landed on one of our garden chairs. The Peacock Butterfly makes a suitable header image too.

I am pretty sure that this moth is a common variety. Loads of people will say “Oh that’s a …….”. Is it the same as the one I posted the other day? I need a clue. It is just over a centimetre long. Once I have a pointer there will probably be thousands of almost identical photos, with confirmed ID on the internet. But without a guide to start with I’m lost. When I start looking for ID most of the moths are quite distinctive and are obviously not this one. It is just a little brown moth, how hard can it be to ID it? What feature does it have that starts me on the trail of an ID? I think that UK Moths website or the Butterfly Conservation website will be where I find out, or I will post to iSpot which is a fantastic resource that I have used on several occasions, I have even helped others on there, but it feels a bit like cheating. I am sure I will get there soon.

Moth in our garden

This is the one from the other day. Similar shape, similar colour.

Edit: Well, I have been given a clue Tortricidae, Epiphyas postvittana. Otherwise known as Light Brown Apple Moth – Butterfly Conservation or UK Moths or Nature Spot. That looks a pretty good match.

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