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Day 20 in our garden

Having recently done some gardening and put some plants in our garden it seems sensible to show some of them since they have not been included in this series yet.

The planting out has included Convolvulus and Iberis in addition to the Forget Me Not that has already appeared in the series. The planting also included Lavender, Rosemary, Geranium and Hydrangea but they are not very photogenic yet.

On Day 20 I spotted this lone Daisy in the grass.

Another plant plant that has just come into bloom is the Choisya.

I have already shown photos of the Clematis but with the number of buds showing we are going to have a spectacular display.

One of the plants that has some colour though Winter is the Viburnum so I am a bit late posting a photo of this but it has opened up more than during the cold weather.

It seems that I don’t get many views when I use a flower or similar as the header image so I have used the Ant that I spotted on a leaf when I was looking at the plants.

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