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Day 31 in our garden

A couple of little surprises for Day 31.

On Day 31 I had a look at out Oregano plant, last year it had Mint Moths and Mint Moth caterpillars on it so I was looking for them. According to Butterfly Conservation site Mint Moths are around from mid April.

I didn’t see any evidence of Mint Moths but I did spot this Shield Bug just next to the Oregano. I don’t remember seeing one in our garden before. I’ve seen lots of them down at Denso Marston Nature Reserve though. Soon after taking this it opened its shield and flew away. For some reason I had assumed that it was a solid cover and that the bug was flight-less.

During the day I was having a chat with our neighbour over the fence before spraying some of it with Willow fence preserver and spotted this Long Horned Beetle.

While bending down to clear a space to allow me access to the fence I noticed what looked like a wasp climbing up this Goose Grass and falling down several times. It seemed slightly strange behaviour for a Wasp, it is also slim and small. Is it one of those Bees I have posted about before? It was only while I was getting the image ready for this post that I noticed it doesn’t have wings – even more strange.

During this I was under the Cherry Tree and I thought the sun on the blossom was too good to miss.

I felt the same way in the front garden earlier and took a photo of the Iberis which is now the header image for this post.

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