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Day 32, a re-cap of the Day in our garden series – Birds

As expected I have reached a Day where I have not seen any new species for this series of blog posts. I had set a camera up in one area of the garden to automatically take a photo every minute, giving me 200 images to review, but nothing showed itself. A couple of twigs got moved between frames but whatever moved them did so during the 59.996 seconds of that minute that it was not being watched. To continue with new things for this series of blog posts I could have dug around searching for little things, creepy crawlies and slithery things. And like many of the little things I have already seen I would have difficulty with ID . So lets have a re-cap of the bird varieties seen.

There have been 21 species that I managed to get a photo of and they are arranged above in approximate order of size. You can see that as the birds get larger the caption tends to be “…. from our garden”. I have not ventured beyond our boundaries so all photos have been taken in our garden (apart from when I went across the road to take a photo of a Mouse. Guilty as charged.) So the term “… from our garden” means that the photo was taken with me in our garden but the bird was anywhere from just over the fence to a dot in the sky.

Some birds are surprising by their absence – in particular Wren and Chaffinch; both of which I think of as frequent visitors, but I didn’t spot one during this time. Some are surprising by their inclusion – Sparrowhawk pair and Chiffchaff; two that I was really pleased to see. It is disappointing, though not surprising, that I have been unable to include Goldcrest, I have seen them on many occasions in the front garden and occasionally in the back garden. A lovely little bird.

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