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Day 59 in our garden

The Blue Tits are busy in our garden. The header image shows one of them with a load of Green Fly in its beak.

This rather nice looking Rose is called New Dawn. There are plenty of buds on it so it is going to look great in a few days.

These are the two parents of the Blue Tits in the nest box. Is that a Meal Worm in its beak, if so then that’s the new thing for the Day.

I don’t know why one still looks rather smart and the other looks all frazzled. Is it the smart one that has been going to the fat balls in the garden to feed itself, smart in more ways than one? Feeding the chicks via the fat balls is not good for them, they should only be fed caterpillars and insects, and hopefully the parent followed that. Perhaps the smart one is the one that tended to stay in the box brooding and was being fed by the other, hardworking one? Or perhaps the frazzled one is the one that did the brooding and was not being fed adequately while the smart one was out getting lots of caterpillars for itself and the chicks? It would take some careful watching to find out. There seems to be plenty of food around. It doesn’t take them long, they leave the box and then are back with food in a couple of minutes

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