Day 6. Tree

A bit of an overcast wet day today. Not the best of days to be venturing out looking at trees for day 6 of the Bradford Photo a Day where, you guessed it, the word is Tree.

See here for the first posting on this –

This was my submission for the day:-

Crack Willow

It is, I believe, a Crack Willow (Salix Fragilis). It is on the River Aire in Baildon. There are several along the river bank. And many of them have cracked and fallen. Along the river bank there are also trees that have gone to pieces:-

All cut up

Others that were half naked:-


Trees doing Yoga:-


There are also plastic bag trees in various stages of coverage:-Plastic bag trees

Over the years some of the big stone slabs that make parts of the path have been tipped into the river by tree roots –


Some trees have also got a bit messy from the high water we have after heavy rain –


Some trees have hidey holes –


Some have split to show their insides, that then look as though they are being hollowed out by insects and birds –


This tree, stripped of most of its bark lower down is probably going to stay bare –


Next time we have high water on the river I would not be surprised to see some of these floating away –

Lose wood

When I first ventured out for a tree photo I went down to Thompson Lane. The field there has what I thought was a single tree, on its own, that would make a good photo. It turns out that it is actually two trees and there was no where that I could get a shot with the sky behind the tree – too much around it. When you look at it it is very easy for the trees behind to be out of focus and ignored, but when taking a photo it is a different matter. The trees behind would not let the tree stand out. It is in this tree that I heard, and then managed to photograph, a Great Spotted Woodpecker at the beginning of March:-


When I got to the field at Thompson Lane I also went into the woods behind it for a few minutes. Again I heard and saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker. I didn’t get any shots of it because I had my small lens on the camera in preparation for taking photos of trees.


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