Finningley Airshow 1972

Back in the dim and distance days of my youth I was interested in aircraft and used to bike up to a gate next to the taxiway of Binbrook aerodrome and watch English Electric Lightnings. I also went to several airshows at RAF Finningley. I think these photos are from 1972 but I am happy to be told otherwise.

Concorde fly by

Concorde fly by.

Concorde fly by

Concorde had yet to enter service. Scheduled flights did not start until 1976.

Concorde fly by


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  1. I believe I have video of this from my Dad. He said it was a last minute thing. They were doing a test flight and diverted to the show. He described it as one of the first ‘public’ showings of Concorde. It’s possible any of this is mis-remembering it though given it’s 50 years ago!

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